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INGRAM, E. M. Test of a mock theft scenario for use in the psychophysiological detection of deception: II. March 1997, Report No. DoDPI97-R-0002. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, Ft. McClellan, AL 36205.

The Zone Comparison Test, a psychophysiological detection of deception test, was administered to 30 subjects recruited by a temporary employment agency from the local area. The subjects were programmed to be either deceptive or nondeceptive using the mock theft of a valuable coin. This pilot study was designed to determine the effectiveness of the coin theft as a mock crime scenario for laboratory research with the Zone Comparison Test when both pretest and instructions were videotaped, and the test questions were presented using digitized voice. A number of subjects failed to respond appropriately to the test questions during both the pretest and intest. Therefore, the examination was considered to be incomplete and the data were not evaluated further. As a result of the inappropriate responding by a majority of the subjects to many of the test questions, this scenario cannot be considered effective as a mock crime laboratory procedure.

Key Words: psychophysiological detection of deception, mock crime scenarios, Zone Comparison Test