Continuing Education Program

Though only mandatory if employed by a DoD component, the vast majority of National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA) graduates participate in the Federal Polygraph Continuing Education Certification Program. This program, established in 1996, requires every federal examiner to earn a minimum of 80 hours of continuing education credit every two years. This educational requirement can be met through attendance at NCCA sponsored or approved courses and seminars, or a selection from the 26 continuing education courses offered on campus at NCCA or at other locations.

Course Listing and the Continuing Education Hours (CEH)

Courses Available to Federal Law Enforcement/Counterintelligence Personnel

Advanced Interviews and Interrogation: Analytical Perspectives in the Detection of Deception (CE 972) (24 CEH)
Advanced Sex Crimes Investigations Course (CE 813) (40 CEH)
Asset Forfeiture (CE 852) (24 CEH)
Credibility Assessment Through Linguistic Analysis(CE 834) (40 CEH)
Domestic Terrorism (CE 850) (40 CEH)
Dynamics of Terrorism (CE 855) (40 CEH)
Interviews and Interrogations (INTEL) (CE 863) (40 CEH)
Kinesic Interview Techniques (CE 841) (40 CEH)
Neurolinguistic Patterning and PDD (CE 856) (24 CEH)
Street Gangs and Organized Crime (CE 854) (40 CEH)

Courses Available to PDD Examiners

Advances in Psychophysiology (CE 835) (40 CEH)
Computerized Polygraph - AXCITON (CE 802) (24 CEH)
Computerized Polygraph - LAFAYETTE (CE 803) (24 CEH)
Fundamentals of Courtroom Testimony (CE 809) (40 CEH
Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Screening (CE 864) (40 CEH)
Law Enforcement Quality Control Course (CE 853) (40 CEH)
PDD Managers Course (CE 860) (40 CEH)
PDD Refresher Course (CE 831) (80 CEH)
Predeployment Examiner Course (CE 866) (32 CEH)
Senior Examiner Course (CE 859) (24 CEH)
Relevant/Irrelevant Screening Testing (CE 823) (40 CEH)
Specific Issue Relevant/Irrelevant Testing (CE 848) (40 CEH)

Courses Restricted to Federally Certified PDD Personnel

Advanced Operational Source Testing (CE 822) (40 CEH)
Countermeasures (CE 839) (40 CEH)
Countermeasures II (CE 847) (minimum of 4 CEH)
Federal Interagency Polygraph Seminar (CE 845) (36-40 CEH)
Psychology of a Spy (CE 842) (40 CEH)


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