Federal Polygraph Continuing Education Certification Program (FPCECP)

The purpose of the FPCECP is to standardize CE requirements and establish a centralized location for reporting, recording, reviewing, assessing, and certifying (to include the approval of) CE and training received by Federal PDD examiners.


The FPCECP recognizes the following objectives which define the purpose and nature of this program.


In 1994, the Joint Security Commission published its findings in “Redefining Security.” In that section of the report dealing with polygraph matters and specifically education, the Joint Security Commission recommended that a mandatory certification program be established under the auspices of a single entity. On March 19, 1996, the Assistant Secretary of Defense issued an order implementing that recommendation. Participation for the DoD components is mandatory. Participation for other Federal agencies is through respective Memoranda of Agreement with the Security Policy Board. Officially, the program took effect on October 1, 1996. On that date, all examiners who held current certification by their respective agency were granted initial certification under the newly developed Federal Polygraph Continuing Education Certification Program (FPCECP). As with any scientific discipline, it is essential that polygraph examiners have available to them a broad variety of continuing education opportunities.


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