Continuing Education Admission Requirements

Though only mandatory if employed by a DoD component, the vast majority of National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA) graduates participate in the Federal Polygraph Continuing Education Certification Program. This program, established in 1996, requires every federal examiner to earn a minimum of 80 hours of continuing education credit every two years. This educational requirement can be met through attendance at NCCA sponsored or approved courses and seminars, or a selection from the 26 continuing education courses offered on campus at NCCA or at other locations.

NCCA courses are available to federal law enforcement and counterintelligence agents. These courses are also offered to state and local law enforcement personnel on a space available and cost reimbursable basis. Due to their classified content, some continuing education courses are restricted to federal personnel who hold the appropriate security clearance. Individuals not meeting the above criteria should visit the American Polygraph Association (APA) home page. The APA homepage may provide information regarding courses offered by private polygraph schools.

Admission Application

The purpose of soliciting this information is to provide the National Center for Credibility Assessment a basis for determining whether you met the minimum requirements for selection and training as a Polygraph Examiner by the National Center, or to enroll examiners in ongoing Continuing Education Courses.

Any information you provide is disclosed to members of the Department of Defense who have a need for the information in performance of duties. In addition, the information may be disclosed to government agencies outside the Department of Defense or individuals as authorized by law or regulation.

Disclosure is voluntary. However, failure to provide the information could result in the National Center not accepting your application for selection or training.

Course Registration

For questions concerning registration for continuing education courses, please e-mail the Continuing Education Registrar at or call at (803) 751-9134. Written inquiries are to be addressed as follows:

National Center for Credibility Assessment
ATTN: Continuing Education
7540 Pickens Avenue
Fort Jackson, SC 29207-6804



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